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Case studies


Health Care App Development, SASS


A comprehensive SaaS platform designed to improve communication, streamline workflows, and enhance patient care across the healthcare ecosystem. This platform connects patients with highly qualified doctors across various disciplines, enabling them to receive specialized care tailored to their specific needs.

We worked with 4uDoctors to develop a new system that includes a service wide range of aspects that cover doctor needs, patient needs, and pharmacist needs. Focusing on patient needs is the most important task of our company, but this excludes services for doctors and pharmacists because they will have an equal role in helping the patient.


System development


Avoid counterfreit nightmares and confirm integrity. Smart anti-counterfeit technology to authenticate the originality of products.

We built out the system infrastructure that can authenticate counterfeit products, help brand appriasals, ensure safety of customers and pin down fake products.


Web development, Supply Chain


GPRC is a scheme owner that sets guideline to, certify plastic recyclable products. The primary objective of the council is to build the utilization of reused plastic. Apart from doing this GPRC is also increasing awareness of recycling plastic.

We developed a custom Supply Chain Management System. So that, Assuring the reduction the production of virgin Plastic and plastic pollution in soil & water bodies. Guarantee of Tracing Recycled Plastic materials. Ensuring Recycled Plastic use in whole supply chain from collectors to end user.

We approached Avenir IP because we loved their past work. They delivered something remarkably similar in record time.


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